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Conflict Desert Storm Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

About Conflict Desert Storm:

Conflict Desert Storm story covers U.S Special Forces during the 1991 efforts to repel Iraq from Kuwait. As the operation commences, a Delta team including sniper Paul Foley infiltrate an Iraqi base to destroy a bridge critical to Iraqi logistics. The team is discovered, and Foley is captured. The following day, Delta Force operative John Bradley infiltrates the area and frees Foley before destroying the bridge.
Following this, Foley is intergrated into Bradley's team, along with Mick Connors and David Jones. The team then helps evacuate the Emir of Kuwait from Kuwait after Iraqi forces ambush him. The squad them recieves orders to destroy and Iraqi air base and radar to clear the way for allied air superiority. During the raid, they discover intel of Iraqi SCUDS, which they deploy in a day-long operation to neutralize. They are shot down returning to base, but hold off Iraqi forces till rescue arrives.

Several days later, the team is caught behind enemy lines in a town controled by Iraqi forces. They manage to single handedly destroy most of the garrison with USAF support before coalition forces relieve them. The are then deployed behind Iraqi lines to destroy their retreat, then to clear the way was coalition armor.

Intel then arrives concerning the Iraqis working on a old Soviet WMD. Accompanied by expert Dr. Franklin, the team infiltrates the base and disablest the WMD. As the Iraqies pull completely out of Kuwait, Kurdish allies inform Coalition high command of where General Aziz, the Iraqi commanding general, is hold up. Bradley's team is hand picked to assassinate him, first infiltrating the old fort where is held up then calling in an air strike on his bunker. He attempts to escape, but is gunned down.
system requirements

Conflict Desert REQUIREMENTS

Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium III 450MHz Processor
DirectX compatible Sound Card
32MB DirectX compatible Video Card
8X CD-ROM Drive
930MB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 8.1

Conflict Desert Storm Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download
Conflict Desert Storm Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download
Conflict Desert Storm Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

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